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Catering Accessories

9qt. Rectangular Chafing Dish $15.00
Details: 9 Quart Rectangular Chafing Dish.
Beverage Decanter $2.00
Details: Beverage Decanter. 1 Liter
Beverage Pitcher $1.00
Details: Plastic Beverage Pitcher 60ox.
Chafing Dish, 5 Quart Round $15.00
Details: 5 Quart Round Chafing Dish (1 Sterno Needed)
Coffee Machine 100 cup $25.00
Details: Coffee Machine, 100 Cup
Punch Fountain $30.00
Details: Punch Fountain 5 Gallon
Roll Top Chafing Dish (9 qt) $20.00
Details: Roll Top Chafing Dish (9qt)
Serving Tray w/Stand $6.50
Details: Serving Tray w/ Stand