The Canopeum Inc. is has a wide range or products to fit your needs whatever the occasion may be. Select a catagory on the left to see what we have to offer!


Balloon Bouncer $125.00
Details: Balloon Bouncer - Moon Walk/Bouncer 16FT x 16FT (Daily Rented Item)
Castle Bouncer $125.00
Details: Castle Bouncer 16FT x 16FT. Daily Rented Item.
Dinosaur Bouncer $125.00
Details: Dinosaur Bouncer, 16FTx16FT. (Daily Rented Item)
Fun House Bouncer $125.00
Details: Fun House 16FT x 16FT Inflatable, Bouncer. (Daily Rented Item)
Maze $440.00
Details: Inflatable, Maze 30FTx30FT
Obstacle Course (Part A) $162.50
Details: Obstacle Course (Part A)Daily Rented Item.
Obstacle Course (Part B) $162.50
Details: Obstacle Course Part B. Daily Rented Item.
Rock Climb Slide - Back View $275.00
Details: Rock Climb Slide (Back View) Daily Rented Item.
Rock Climb Slide -Side View $275.00
Details: Inflatable Rock Climb Slide (19FT Tall x 42FT Long)Daily Rented Item.
Tropical Bouncer $125.00
Details: Tropical Inflatable Bouncer 16FT x 16FT (Daily Rented Items)